Nuts love wines

Invitation to a Rendez-Vous


Exclusive nut roasts meet selected wines and give you a real firework of flavors.

Our »Rendez-Vous« collection of nuts is meticulously matched to specially selected wines to balance the aromas and complement the complex flavors.

In our »boutique manufactory«, we care to roast the nuts to perfection with a special invented process to bring out the delicate natural flavors. Each process is curated with only four complementary ingredients to give you unforgettable moments of delight – »Rendez-Vous« with a glamorous happy ending.


Nuts love wines –wines love nuts

Nuts and wines are perfect partners!
Are you amazed? Experience the mutually
intensifying variety of flavors when enjoying
them together. Our »Rendez-Vous« nuts are
so subtly spiced and perfectly matched to
selected wines that they further accentuate
and differentiate the aromas of the wine.
A tribute to exquisite wines!

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We love nuts –quite simply

Hand-picked and extremely limited delicacies
such as wild pistachios or sword almonds
captivate with their very own aroma. They are
gently roasted in our manufactory and refined
ith the finest sapphire salt. Enjoy our
»Solitaires« or »Mélanges« pure as a little
snack or with your favorite drink.

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Exclusive nuts –tasteful down to thesmallest detail

Gently roasted without fat and refined with a maximum of 4 other natural ingredients, our nuts are freshly filled into high-quality jars and vacuum-packed. This way, they remain aromatic for a long time and, thanks to the large opening, can also be eaten directly from the jar.

Enjoy our »Rendez-Vous«, »Mélanges« or »Solitaires« – directly at the wine or champagne bar, in a social gathering or comfortably at home.


Our Rendez-VousGift sets

We have put together five Rendez-Vous
gift boxes for you: All eight »Rendez-Vous«
together in a very high-quality gift box or
your favorite »Rendez-Vous« together with
the corresponding wine. Let yourself be
inspired – for yourself or as a gift.

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A business lunch turned into 8 culinary Rendez-Vous

The idea of combining nuts with wines came about after a business lunch at KaDeWe during a conversation at the wine bar. Actually, we only wanted to talk about exclusive nut roasts with a glass of wine and champagne. But then one thing led to another, our thoughts circled for days, and the enthusiasm wouldn’t let us go.

We immersed ourselves in the unbelievably diverse shared world of enjoyment of wines and nuts and from then on thought of both together. The impulse from an encounter resulted in a premium culinary start-up.

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