For the love of delight

We would like to take you on a special journey of enjoyment.
A journey into unexpected worlds of taste, where nuts are in the spotlight and make their grand entrance. Already true superfood stars in their own right, we have refined them further and provided them with partners with whom they can perform at their best.

In our factory, we roast these “superheroes of nature” very gently using a specially developed process to bring out their very own, full aroma. Depending on the nut, we can also give you a crispy, crunchy, or almost buttery-creamy mouthfeel.

We pay great attention to the quality of the raw materials and combine our nuts in this unique refinement process with a maximum of four other purely natural ingredients to make them even more exclusive. And that is exactly what, in combination with the selected wines, will give you unforgettable moments of delight.

For »SHATOH«, the peacock beats its wheel as a corporate visual and signet of the brand. With its majestic appearance and its 1000-colored wheel, the peacock has always captivated onlookers and symbolizes love, beauty, purity, provenance, and perfection - all these qualities also represent our unique products.


Shatoh Gourmet

Martina Göldner-Kabitzsch is a very experienced expert in the kitchen and has specialized in the production of delicacies from selected raw materials. She has a great reputation and has made a name for herself among chefs and connoisseurs. She shares her passion and expertise for cooking through TV and radio programs and as the author of books.