For the love of delight

SHATOH is a luxury label for exquisite nut creations that Martina Göldner-Kabitzsch launched two years ago. Martina has been at home in the delightful world of flavors for over 25 years. For SHATOH, she has developed a new process through which nuts are gently roasted without fat and refined with a maximum of four other purely natural ingredients. This unique process allows the flavors to develop within the nut and not on its surface.
SHATOH has its own manufactory in Berlin-Tempelhof. Its customers include luxury brands from the hospitality, fashion, aviation, automotive and gourmet culture sectors.

With its colorful, iridescent plumage, the peacock stands for beauty, dignity and eternity. As SHATOH’s emblem, it symbolizes these characteristics and thus stands for the perfection and purity of each of the twelve masterful nut creations.
Whether as a “Rendez-Vous” to match champagne and fine wines or as “Solitaires” and “Mélanges” – SHATOH offers its own character with its handcrafted nut creations, an individual signature for exceptionally inspiring taste experiences and gourmet adventures.

All SHATOH nut creations can be individually branded. Whether as a private label or luxury gift for customers, business partners or guests - SHATOH is a lasting memory and a partner for the special and exclusive. The jars are designed and produced in Italy with labels made from cotton paper and vacuum-packed to guarantee both long-lasting and healthy enjoyment in style. Just as the peacock unfolds its splendor as a bird of paradise, SHATOH is the monbijou, the jewel that makes luxury brands even more valuable.


SHATOH Gourmet

Martina Göldner-Kabitzsch has been popularizing the satisfying use of flowers as exquisite raw materials with her manufactory “von Blythen” since 1997. In her books, TV shows and radio programs, she has successfully imparted her knowledge of the new development of fine recipes. Her expertise is paired with her focus on sustainability, health and mindfulness. The driving forces behind SHATOH are also indulgence and innovation. The use of nuts of outstanding quality from all over the world, exclusive raw materials and flavors as well as gentle processing guarantee exclusivity and maximum enjoyment.